Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I've been looking at YouTube videos

You know, YouTube videos are a right mix of insane to crazy to just unbelievable. It's hard to imagine how some of them ever get past the Google censors. Those that consist of content where the 'actors' are performing crazy, death-defying stunts are really quite gruesome to watch, and I believe that unknowing kids might well be disturbed by such videos.

The so-called 'funny' videos are a mix of laugh-your-head-off, what-a-load-of-cr*p and completely un-funny. Unfortunately, the latter two categories appear to have the lions share of the market.

If you run a funny videos site as I do, you need to do an awful lot of searching for funny and entertaining content, which means having to sit through what seems a mountain of complete and utter dross.

I think the problem these days lies in the fact that everyone on the planet owns a digital camcorder, or digital video phone, or one of the countless other 'must have' gadgets that do photos and video. And it's just a matter of point and shoot, then upload directly to YouTube. Easy peasy.

It would be nice if Google could find a way of putting the dross somewhere else, like in the bin, so that when we watch a video on YouTube we're not driven to taking our own lives because of the long, monotonous process of finding something worthwhile to watch.

What do you think??


Take a look at the video below for something really funny..

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