Monday, 15 March 2010 up for four days and no sign of Google search engine

This is a major problem for anyone creating a blog then relying purely on search engines to get your site noticed. Google can be extremely slow at finding your blog, and even when it does discover it, it can take an extraordinary long time before it compiles it into its search results.

So, we sit and wait...we post once or twice a day..then we wait some more. It would be nice if Google could make it faster, but when you consider how the web search algorithms work you realise that the time taken to get indexed is probably quite short considering the number of pages purported to be on the net - billions!

We should remember that when we are searching for something with broad appeal. We get an instantaneous response listing hundreds of pages that may have what we are looking for. And, for the most part, those products will no doubt be a the top of the listing - in the first three pages of results. That is a mighty feat.

I remember the dark days of the net some years back - before Google existed - and I have to say that it was nigh impossible to find what you were looking for. I would type into the search engine something like 'the Beatles' and the results would first indicate 'do you mean beetles?' then go onto list pages and pages with no mention of what you were searching for.

About the best search engine on the block at that time was Alta Vista. This was something of a revelation because it gave you some results pages that actually contained the items you were searching for. That was novel - which shows how far we have come.

Thanks for reading. I'll now wait a few more days for Google to discover me...


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