Thursday, 11 March 2010

I've just discovered something else...

I've now found that I can promote my other 'regular' sites on That sure is a bonus! It means I can provide you with links to my other sites on the net and give you the opportunity to see them at first hand.

These sites, along with my funniest-videos site - Funniest Videos in the World - are a bit of a mixture of the things that interest me. One, is a hurricane tracking site that I maintain. Two, is a site devoted to two of my most favorite games of all time - Morrowind and Oblivion.

The hurricane site called Hurricane Tracking is a site dedicated to tracking Atlantic Hurricanes as they head towards the eastern US seaboard. I use Google Earth to provide a pictorial representation of the tracks of hurricanes and tropical storms together with details of their wind strength, direction of movement and predicted track.

The Morrowind site called Morrowind-Oblivion is a site dedicated to the Bethesda games. These are the most fantastically detailed games that you can ever imagine, and they provide hundred of hours of superb role-playing fantasy entertainment. The mods for the game, modifications to the game that play as self-contained games in their own right, are plentiful on my site and the rest of the net. And, best of all, they're free!!

Mods make Morrowind and Oblivion - they extend the life for years after the game has disappeared from the shelves. These mods are created by the huge fan-base of 'modders' out there. Just download the mod, point the game to the location of the mod, then play it. Simple.

So, if you fancy taking a look at my sites, then just click on the links above. And I hope you like them as much as I do.


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