Saturday, 13 March 2010

Some things you need to know about Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a wonderful thing for bloggers. That's because it is totally free. You do not need to have an expensive domain, or an expensive web host, just a Google Blogger account, or seven..

Why do I say ..or seven? Well, that's because I have discovered that I can apparently have as many blogger accounts for which I have the time to maintain. And that adds up to a heap of Google ads. The only problem is getting those accounts to be discovered by other bloggers.

Now, that's no easy matter. In fact it's downright hard, as I can attest to - having owned three domains for three years. You need either
1. lots of friends that you can exchange with, or
2. get noticed by one of the major search engines such as Google or Bing or Yahoo.

I don't belong to any great blogging community since this is my first toe-in-the-water attempt. Plus, I'm not one for general chit-chat.

So, that leaves the search engines...

It's hard!! Getting your site near the top of the Google rankings is one of the most hit-and-miss affairs that I have ever encountered. The ideal way to get near the top is to have other sites, preferably large and important sites, include a link to your webpage from theirs. It's like having an invitation to the ball, and the more invitations you receive, the more important you become. You climb the rankings.

But, I hear you sigh, why would large sites want to provide a link to your puny site? Why, exactly? Well, to be blunt, they wouldn't. So, small sites and blogs have to resort to building a site with lots of keywords within the text of their pages which then link to keywords in the Title of the page.

For example, if my page has the Title: 'The Funniest Videos in the World' and the text on the pages mention the words 'funniest' and 'videos' and 'world', then Google will provide a ranking based on how well your site caters for an audience that is searching for those three words. When Google indexes your page for those keywords it will provide a ranking that fits your site into the scale it creates for all ranked sites that use those keywords.

If your site is indexed by Google, and it appears near the top of that index - say the top three pages - then your site has a real chance of being discovered by other people browsing the web using search terms that match, or partially match your keywords.

And Bingo! Complete strangers browse to your site, look at the content, and, maybe, in the process, click on some of your Google ads. And that's money in the bank.

The more sites you spend time creating, the more the potential you have of making 'free' cash. Whoopee!!


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