Thursday, 18 March 2010

Where are all the visitor counters??

Now that my blog is up and running, I am anticipating some visitors in the not to distant future. But, how do I find out how many visitors I am getting on a google blog?

On my normal 'domain' sites I use a combination of bbclone and pphlogger to track visitors. But these utilities cannot be used unless you have direct FTP access to the root of the site, which is not possible with a account.

The most common tracker is probably Google's own - Google Analytics. But I have tried to configure this for my blog with no success. One of the problems with Analytics is that you can only track 'root' pages for a site - i.e. the usual landing pages. This is not wholly acceptable for sites that receive most of their traffic from searches that take them to other 'non-trackable' pages such as

I have scoured the net for widgets that provide tracking counters without success. Why is that? Keeping track of casual visitors to your blog, as opposed to registered users, is something that I would imagine most bloggers would be interested in.

If anyone knows of such a tracking widget, then please let me know.


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