Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Opening Blog

This is something I just found by accident...

I've heard of blogs and before, but I never realized that it was owned by the mighty Google, or more importantly, that it was completely free!!!

If I had realized, I would have opened an account a couple of years ago, since that is when I obtained my Google account. These blog accounts are just like the real thing. I already own four domains for which I have to pay hosting fees, and the overall cost of these sites is certainly not trivial.

To suddenly discover that I could have been running a site for free for a couple of years is something of an embarrassment to me, since I have always believed that I was quick to spot an opportunity - something I failed to do in this instance.

So, now that I realize that there is some potential for creating a worthwhile freebie site, I'm keen to get started on generating some content.

As you probably gathered from the name of my site, that content is going to be predominantly funny videos, since the good ones really do get me laughing my head off - and I can assure you that that is very uncomfortable!

Its now time to start trawling the net for those kickass funny videos that are going to get you laughing your sides sore.

Until next time, keep safe, and keep laughing. You know it's the best medicine...


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